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Google Redirect Virus - This Virus Redirects Your Google Search Engine Results

Symptoms Of The Redirect Virus:
* Google Redirects
* Yahoo & Bing Redirects
* Fake Popups Show
* Cannot Remove With Antivirus

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Thank you for the information removing the
google redirect virus. I have tried several programs including McAfee,
Spybot Search & Destroy, and Vipre; nothing even found this
problem. Your suggestions took care of it. I tried to send you a
donation via paypal but that part of your site doesn’t seem to work
properly. I still wanted to at least say thank you. – Mike

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J. Gheta

I used combofix about 10 days ago to solve
the google redirect problem…no more redirects. Thank you for the
help.Sincerely…J. Gheta

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Well, it’s true.  Even a blind
squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.  I took what I
considered a dangerous leap of faith, and followed your on line
directions for getting rid of this awful virus.  It seems to have
worked. Thank you, I’m glad to have found the post that lead me to
your fix.  Barney

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Used the google redirect virus fix with
combofix and it worked.  Thank you so much, I let one of my son’s
friends use my computer for homework and the next day it was
infected,even with virus and malware protection, will be using your
advice and products instead of CA internet suite.  thanks again

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Wanted to say, your fix is the best. I
tried for days to get rid of it. Tried all these sites that said they
had the fix, some just want to sell software.

I tried your fix and things are ok now.
There was just one thing. The virus on my computer would not let me
malware software. I could download the
software to my desktop but when I tried to run the programs they would
not run.This was the case with a number of
programs.I rememberd that by changing the
name of the program by right clicking and choosing rename (choice) the
virus is tricked and allows install.

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Once I loaded your product and ran it on my computer I’m able to have new windows for my browsing (no more redirects)

Thank you again, you made my day…now I can get some work done!

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Please know that I remain ever-thankful for your
developing such a program. In my neck of the universe, we say you are
bound to experience abundant good karma. Enjoy!

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