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FAQ’s & Common Questions

Google Redirect Virus - This Virus Redirects Your Google Search Engine Results

Symptoms Of The Redirect Virus:
* Google Redirects
* Yahoo & Bing Redirects
* Fake Popups Show
* Cannot Remove With Antivirus

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Here are some of the most common questions & answers we get:

1) I Have Tried EVERYTHING To Get Rid Of This Virus – How Do I Know This Works?
The only way to know if it works is to try it. Because we
understand that computer viruses are continually evolving &
changing, I’ve included a 60 day guarantee to protect your purchase. I
also provide regular technical support as well as remote connection
services for members. However, for everyone I’ve helped with this virus –
I’ve had 100% removal rate.

2) I Am A WW2 Veteran And Am Only Barely Able To Turn On My PC – Will This Solution Work For Me?
Yes – I have made every step crystal clear and (more importantly), I
have EXPLAINED what you are doing to your PC throughout the program.
This gives you the ability to examine what’s happening and how it’s helping your PC.

3) What Is “ClickBank”? Is My Money Safe With Them?
ClickBank is the web’s leading digital product service, allowing
100,000 people to buy & sell e-books, software, videos and music
online every day. ClickBank is undoubtedly one of the most trustworthy
payment processors you can use, and has often been voted one of the
leading online companies. We chose Clickbank because of the way they are
able to handle customer payments from all over the World

4) Is This Program Safe To Use?
Yes, the program has been created on a virus-free computer, and has
undergone several stress-tests to ensure the utmost security when using
it. You can be sure this program is safe.

5) What Am I Getting For My $29.99?
You will get a software application which will guide you through all
the working methods to get rid of the Google Redirect Virus.
Each method has been thoroughly researched and I reveal how to perform
it in a step-by-step tutorial that will reveal exactly how to remove
the infection. You will also get access to my contact details as well as
ongoing technical support.

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