Welcome To FixRedirectVirus.org
If You Know How To Copy A File, My Guaranteed Solution Will Help You Remove All Traces Of The Redirect Virus.
Over the years, I’ve helped thousands of people (whether a grandmother
or a computer geek) clean the redirect virus from their computers.

If You Get Redirected When Searching On Google, Yahoo Or Bing…
Chances Are You Have The “Search Redirect Virus”

Secure Your PC, Remove The Virus Today!

The Google / Search redirect virus is one of the most common viruses of 2010-2014, infecting millions of computers around the World. Designed by expert hackers, it is highly annoying and will continually redirect your web searches to fake or dangerous websites. The main reason why this virus is is one of the most damaging is that it cannot be removed with traditional antivirus programs. Instead, you need to use special methods or tools to get rid of it, which have remained a mystery until now.

FixRedirectVirus.org is the solution to remove the search redirect virus from your PC. Created by a computer technician with over 10 years experience, this working method removes the virus at its core – removing the infection from your PC & preventing it from returning. My simple program will explain exactly what the virus is and will then remove it automatically for you.

You can use my Google Redirect Virus removal product on any version of Windows and with any web browser. I have cracked the code for how the virus works, and you’ll now be able to remove it from any Windows computer. You just need to install my step-by-step system and it will do the rest for you.

What Is The Google Redirect Virus
& Why Is It So Difficult To Remove?

The Google Redirect Virus is a “browser hijack” virus which will send your computer to bad websites when you are redirected online. When not infected, Windows will be able to send you to the correct website, but if you have the Google Redirect Virus, the virus will “inject” its own websites into the redirect process, leading your PC to send you to undesirable websites. This will happen for all redirects, not just search engine results… however, as most search engine results will redirect you, that’s where most people see the issue.

Not many people know this, but when you click on a link on the search engine, it won’t take you to the page you’re looking for straight away. In fact, Google, Yahoo & Bing will all take you to a special link on Google.com / Yahoo.com / Bing.com in order to track your searches and other metrics. All search engines redirect your results, meaning that if you have the redirect virus, it’s going to show when you search for something online.

The reason why this virus is difficult to remove is because it doesn’t leave any “footprint” or “trace” on your system. Unlike typical virus infections (which will place a fake file or application onto your PC), the search redirect virus will just change the redirect settings for Windows and then disappear. This means that most antivirus programs are powerless to remove it.

If The Virus Is So Difficult To Remove
What Makes Me So Confident?

As you probably know, the Redirect Virus is actually a family of different viruses, and therefore it cannot be removed with a single tool or method. My solution is a series of steps that is effective at removing the many different variations of the Redirect Virus.

This virus is probably the most difficult virus to remove right now, which is why some technicians will tell you to just reinstall Windows or replace your computer. However, these two options put your data and Windows settings at risk and end up being much more expensive to you in both time and money. With my solution, you avoid all that wasted time and expense.

And because the redirect virus family has so many different strains or variations, our solution uses several different methods to remove every trace of these viruses. As an added benefit, this also means that our solution actually removes most other viruses your computer may have AND speeds up your computer at the same time.

“I’ve Tried Some Other Solutions Out There,”
“What Makes Your Solution Different?”

Yes, when you search for a fix for the redirect virus, you’ll see there are hundreds out there. The problem is that the other solutions are only for one of the strains, so you may end up trying 4, 5 or more of the other solutions before you find the right one. With my solution, you get a fix for all the strains of the redirect virus in one place.

“A Removal Method That Works”

From People We’ve Already Helped Remove The Virus:

Wow! One of my happy customers just wrote a song about our software, thanks Mark!
Mark – I write lyrics. I pondered writing one to thank you, and it just came so I put it here to thank you. No one would steal it to sing a song about virus removal, so copyright is unnecessary. If someone did, it is more thanks to you.
Title: Skepticism’s Relief
My trusted horse turned wild
Veering, lurching – difficult
Once steady, now uncertain
Google’s peace now a tumult.I searched how to get her back
One man wrote “spend the thirty”
I did not trust, then succumbed
yearning for security.Warned unchecked it would worsen
I hoped, I tried, and it worked
She rides true, now not turning
Gone her torment which had lurked.I thank the one who took time
to patiently lead me free
relieved to have searching back
it’s worth far more than thirty.




Ed Richard, I want to thank you so much. Your product worked for me, and I’m not an IT guy. Thank you again! Ed (Btw), if you will allow me to put a testimonial on your site, I will do so. My laptop is back online and life is great now!!! (Click Here To See PROOF Of Authenticity)


Mike Thank you for the information removing the google redirect virus. I have tried several programs including McAfee, Spybot Search & Destroy, and Vipre; nothing even found this problem. Your suggestions took care of it. I tried to send you a donation via paypal but that part of your site doesn’t seem to work properly. I still wanted to at least say thank you. – Mike (Click Here To See PROOF Of Authenticity)



J. Gheta I used combofix about 10 days ago to solve the google redirect problem…no more redirects. Thank you for the help.Sincerely…J. Gheta (Click Here To See PROOF Of Authenticity)


Barney Well, it’s true. Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while. I took what I considered a dangerous leap of faith, and followed your on line directions for getting rid of this awful virus. It seems to have worked. Thank you, I’m glad to have found the post that lead me to your fix. Barney (Click Here To See PROOF Of Authenticity)



Rose Used the google redirect virus fix with combofix and it worked. Thank you so much, I let one of my son’s friends use my computer for homework and the next day it was infected,even with virus and malware protection, will be using your advice and products instead of CA internet suite. thanks again (Click Here To See PROOF Of Authenticity)


David Wanted to say, your fix is the best. I tried for days to get rid of it. Tried all these sites that said they had the fix, some just want to sell software. I tried your fix and things are ok now. There was just one thing. The virus on my computer would not let me install malware software. I could download the software to my desktop but when I tried to run the programs they would not run.This was the case with a number of programs.I rememberd that by changing the name of the program by right clicking and choosing rename (choice) the virus is tricked and allows install. Thanks David (Click Here To See PROOF Of Authenticity)


Kathy Once I loaded your product and ran it on my computer I’m able to have new windows for my browsing (no more redirects) Thank you again, you made my day…now I can get some work done! (Click Here To See PROOF Of Authenticity)


Baruti - 10/31/2010 Please know that I remain ever-thankful for your developing such a program. In my neck of the universe, we say you are bound to experience abundant good karma. Enjoy! (Click Here To See PROOF Of Authenticity)


Matt - 11/03/2010 Thank you for the quick response Richard. I’ve been working on both computers and the Dell Precision seems to be fixed. I’ll keep you updated if I come across any other issues. Thanks Again, Matt (Click Here To See PROOF Of Authenticity)

Secure Your PC, Special Price Today!

For now, our Google Redirect Virus Fix is a
special 50% discount with the price of $29.99.

Normally $60.00 (the price I charge to remotely connect to someone’s computer for 30 mins) the price has been reduced to help remove this virus from as many computers as possible. If you want to get rid of the Google Redirect Virus, there is no other solution that works as well or as fast.

For less than the cost of a 15-minute tech support call, you’ll get an instant download of my software solution & guide, allowing you to fix the redirect infection today while saving your data, money and time:

  • #1 Redirect Removal Software
  • Complete Step-by-Step Guide
  • Multiple Removal Methods
  • Removes All Redirect Strains
  • Full 24/7 Technical Support
  • Limited-Time Discounted Price
  • Free Access to Future Updates
  • 60-Day Risk Free Guarantee

Download Now

All orders are processed on military-grade 128 bit servers
meaning that your details are 100% secure

All orders will be issued immediately after purchase. Our
digital download program (Clickbank) sends you the product seconds
after your details are confirmed.


Thanks For Reading!If you have any questions, please send us a message!
This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by Google.

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